Preparing For Your Session

Salinas Maternity Teaser YesBookMySessionPreparing for each type of session requires a specific type of preparation. A good deal of those preparations has to do with the theme of your photo session, time of year, as well as your and your family’s style. As a general rule we recommend avoiding any clothing that display prominent logos, stripes or plaid (since they often distract the eye from what should be the main focus of the photos YOU).

For family photos, try to coordinate the family in complementary colors, but not necessarily all wearing the same uniform. A good idea is to purchase clothing for the family at a store that carries attire for kids and adults alike. Their in-season merchandise will usually use a specific spectrum of colors that works well together.

For engagement sessions, we recommend a romantic yet casual attire. Long flowy skirts or dresses for the ladies, and clean button down shirts with long pants for the gentlemen.

Contact us directly for specific ideas or themes regarding your unique session.

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