Maternity/Newborn Portraits Rates


Standard Session Fee $325

Your session fee includes an on-location photo session to capture your newborn; baby; child/ren; or your immediate family, and a private online gallery to view your images. Prints and digital files are sold separately and may be purchased a la carte or in one of our portrait collections.

Belly-to-Baby Session Fee $555

This session fee includes a maternity mini-session, a full newborn session within the first two weeks of life, and a private online gallery to view your images. Also included are 25 press-printed birth announcements. Prints and digital files are sold separately. Maternity order must be completed prior to newborn session.

Both sessions include:

• Unlimited photos
• Custom Photobook
• Photo DVD Case0

**Additional Package Details

• The session fees do not include digital files or prints.
• Session Fee is collected at the time of booking to reserve your appointment date.
• For a complete Rate-Sheet or for Custom Event Pricing, please contact us
• Gallery Wrapped Canvases, Custom Framing, Albums and Coffee Table Books are also available
• Final pricing agreed upon in session contract. For specific questions/estimates, please contact us
• 6.35% CT Sales Tax Applies

How it works.

1: Setting up a tentative newborn session

Whether you are due tomorrow, or 8 months from now, the process for setting up a session can start now. We’ll set up a tentative appointment for about a 7-10 days after your due date; Then, as your date gets closer we’ll keep in touch and see if you are still on course. If you end up delivering early/late we will reschedule your session to accommodate the baby’s actual birth, but by having that original tentative date we’ll have an option of ‘trading’ that date with another client.

Setting up a tentative session makes finding you a date much more doable even if the baby doesn’t arrive right on schedule (as opposed to calling a day after the baby is here and asking to set something up in a week from now).

2: How the newborn session is structured

We’ll usually start with family portraits in the studio which will be set up in your home (most likely living room, but we’ve even set up in the kitchen! We’ll just need a little space).

Once the family portraits are done, we’ll do some studio newborn portraits and then move on out of the studio and work on getting some more personal shots around the home…Whether we can shoot in the nursury or even just use some of your furniture creatively.

There are many situations where the client’s home is not very ‘photogenic’ wheter you are in the middle of moving in/out or are staying at a temporary location, we are totally capable of going through an entire session in a empty house if we need to. We have enough fabrics/props that we bring, we are not counting on you having anything for us to work with.

Before we start shooting we will look around to see what’s available to us, what rooms have good light/props and will have a game plan in mind as to how we’ll go through your session.

By doing the newborn session at home, you can get best of both worlds. A professional studio session as well as personalized portraits in your babies natural environment… well, hopefully your baby doesn’t usually sleep on a bookshelf, but you get the idea.

3: Ideal Ages.

When possible, 7-10 days old is ideal. The ‘industry standard’ for newborn portraits is before they turn 2 weeks old.

By doing the session in the baby’s first couple of weeks, we are more likely to avoid baby acne, and can expect a more cooperative (sleepy) baby during the session. It is also at this age that you can expect that wrinkly, tiny baby look which is quickly gone if this small window is missed.

While older than 2 weeks might not be ideal for that tiny-newborn look, every age has different things to offer in the photos.

Once a baby is older than 6 weeks old, you may want to consider doing a Baby Portrait Session at 6 months + when the baby is able to sit up but not crawl away from the camera.


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